Some links of interest:

best health food store in montreal area, they have stores in Longueil and Granby.  You can find Gereli beef and veal there!


Ville de Montreal has put out a guide "Clean Home and Green Garden" it goes all through the herbicide/pesticide regulations, as well as suggesting ways to fight pests and weeds that are more harmonious with the environment.  There is also extensive explanation of house hold cleaning that use mostly vinegar, water and cow brand!
pesticide bylaws and tables with low impact pesticides
fact sheet about pests, etc
ministère du dévollopement durable, pesticides management codes...
pest management regulatory agency

Why go organic??  Here are some very good reasons

Info on tainted animal feed in China.  I find it sad to know this is going on in our World...imagine if they use this in their own human consumption foods...