Chemical fertilizer

What it really is:
Well let's break it down some 20-20-20 or whatever magical number some company decided to print. They all stand for the same three things: Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium. Or N-P-K. Hmm, nitrogen? Isn't that a gas in its natural state? Well, yes, it is, my young Einstein!!! So how in the world do the chemical people get Nitrogen into a granular form??? In Chemistry 101, we all learned that common table salt is called Sodium Chloride, or NaCl in science. Well, I don't think any of us would want to spread either sodium, or chlorine on our potato chips, so we chose to believe in the miracle of atom colliding and forming a completely new substance. Great! Well, guess what? When you merge nitrogen and ammonia together — presto, you wind up with a granular pellet that you can spread on the ground (yukkkk) and plants can suck nitrogen to their heart's content as the little granules break up. Wait a second. Where does the ammonia go? Good question! Would you believe, nowhere? The ammonia stays right there in the soil and since no plant wants ammonia, it just build up. This ammonia leads to acidification of your soil (double yukkkk). Fortunately, most chemical fertilizer companies offer soil tests to tell you that your soil is too acid (they probably blame acid rain — who caused that??) then you have to spend thousands in lime to re-balance your soil! Great stuff this chemical fertilizer, no???

Now, maybe you have a lawn. Remember the miracle spray guy? Do you remember them offering a free PH (soil acidity) test each spring? Buy one? Did they show up at your door telling you that they could save your lawn because the PH was too low (acid). Aren't they nice to sell you lime for your lawn after having acidified it the year before with their chemicals? What a great bunch. By the way, do you remember the guy who sprayed the stuff? Wasn't he wearing big rubber gloves and a mask? What about you? What about the guy next door? So what if they put little signs up? Did your children bother to avoid the lawn? Did your pet read the sign? Please keep away from these products. I will personally help you get your lawn nice and green with natural products if you wish.